iOS 13 New Features and Release Date

Apple’s recent launch of its latest mobile OS called iOS 13 promises plenty of engaging tools and features to elevate our smartphone experience to higher levels. It has many attractions starting from its look to other functional and effective tools. Apart from faster overall performance and stronger security controls, new features like dark mode and […]

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

In previous years some mobile app development framework did amazing works.  Mobile app development companies reaped from these frameworks. From years there has been a continuous increase in programming languages for both iOS and Android Operating systems. It is a daunting task to select a mobile app framework from the pool. Some of the reliable […]

How Google Stadia Will Change The Gaming Industry

Google Stadia is one of the latest announcement from big daddy tech giant Google. It was announced this year and will be expected to launch on next year. Google Stadia is the one of the major innovative technology in gaming field. It helps you to play your favorite game with just a tap. Suppose you […]