iOS 13 New Features and Release Date

Apple’s recent launch of its latest mobile OS called iOS 13 promises plenty of engaging tools and features to elevate our smartphone experience to higher levels. It has many attractions starting from its look to other functional and effective tools. Apart from faster overall performance and stronger security controls, new features like dark mode and QuickPath provides a crystal clear navigation and comfort for users.

iOS 13 features

They have new developments incorporated into their photo library, camera, maps, Siri, Carplay, augmented reality and other preexisting tools as well. iOS 13 will support from iPhone 6s onwards. Even in iPhone SE supports iOS 13. Although only the developer’s version available at the moment, Official iOS 13 release date is in September second week.

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Top UI UX Tools For Designing

top ui ux design tools
UI UX design tools

There are plenty of UI UX design tools out there that fulfil your demands. Some of them are fundamentally essential for your work like Sketch and Figma. But some of them complement your Designs. Choosing what’s best for you is up to you. Everyone has their own choices and comforts when it comes to these tools. In this article, we’ve mentioned some of the prominent UI UX design tools and their unique features for users of different capabilities and comforts. These are the tools that integrate all the aspects of UI UX. So we hope you give this a go and check these tools out so you can have a clear perspective on what you exactly look for in these tools. You may find all your solutions in one single tool. Many of the tools we’ve mentioned here work as an all in one solution. It’s also important to know what other professionals in the field are using so that you can enhance your performance and stand out among them with your unique styles.

How To Develop iOS App For Beginners

Since Apple’s apps are restricted from all kinds of things it’s better to know the right and wrong before you start. Coding is important and primary that should be considered. Integrated Development Environment for MAC and iOS apps is Xcode. Every app you build is using the services that are external to the mobile device. iOS app development is not a difficult task when you have to check different tutorials and online learning resources for it. Languages which we are using for the mobile app development are Objective C and swift. Objective C is a very useful language and this is an object-oriented language. Swift is the main language for the future development of iOS. One of the best and essential iOS development tools for developing an app in Xcode. It runs on Apple’s Mac operating system.

An iPhone which is locked and put it on a white table
iOS 14 iPhone 6s

It includes most of the developer documentation from apple. This is an end to end software which let you create an app run and mould it according to your wish. For better communication with the designers learning prototype design is a crucial step. iOS development in swift is very useful because it eliminates entire classes of unsafe code. Swift is the result of the latest programming languages combined with Apple platforms. It is the result of research on programming languages with decades of experiences. Certain parameters are expressed in the clean syntax where semicolons are not required. Xcode, RxSwift, code runner, test flight, fabric etc are some of the iOS app developing tool. iOS app development is not at all a complicated task anymore and the market is increasing rapidly. Every company is looking forward to the development of its apps. iOS tools can help them to develop the apps quickly in an efficient way.

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

In previous years some mobile app development framework did amazing works.  Mobile app development companies reaped from these frameworks. From years there has been a continuous increase in programming languages for both iOS and Android Operating systems. It is a daunting task to select a mobile app framework from the pool. Some of the reliable and efficient mobile app development frameworks are Intel XDK, Flutter, Ionic, Sencha Touch, Xamarin, Alpha Anywhere, Adobe PhoneGap, Mobincube, Kendo UI, etc. Among three million mobile apps on the Google Play, Android operating leads the mobile landscape.  Android provides its own framework. It does not use Java language. Android Studio was announced on 16 May 2013. As we have mentioned 2019 is far ahead with amazing mobile technology. Most of the app developing companies have changed their native technologies more robust. With this, it is clear that the future of mobile app development is much brighter with the mobile frame which is easy to develop. In a mobile app development company, we work with a client-centric approach and we know that each and every app different purpose and ideas. Considering these top priorities we will see the many popular frameworks in the coming years. A main feature of the digital world is multiplicity. We can do many things in many different ways. As same as here, the speciality of mobile app development is the same. All of them are based on our budget. Hybrid mobile app development offers a wide array of benefits of users than the native apps. There are many key differences between native apps vs hybrid apps Before choosing one, we have to move towards the target with possible updates. We have to consider the framework that has a large community. Mobile app development is in peaks, with a vast field of opportunity we will see more frameworks in the coming years.

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How Virtual Reality is Impacting Gaming Industry

Do you remember the days of 8 Bit games?, the old school games in 1980’s, like contra, super mario, sonic, were the best selling games on those days. From those 8 bit graphics now our gaming industry has developed a lot. Now the gaming has evolved in innovation with latest technology. From joysticks to gestures, even latest gaming consoles has gone for a massive change.

We have seen the PlayStation 4 with a gesture movement. One of the popular gaming technology is virtual reality. VR games has been popular to everyone after the introduction of it. Virtual Reality games will gave you an immersive and interactive experience. Which means you are able to play the game just like a real-life incident. Its made true by the virtual reality headsets.

You can find many VR headsets on the market right now. Popular VR headsets are Samsung gear VR, HTC Vive, PlayStation   VR, Google Daydream View, and these are a bit expensive. If you are looking a cheap VR headset I probably recommends you to buy Google Cardboard. It costs around 25$. Even it’s supported 3D.

Google Cardboard VR
Google Cardboard VR

While talking about VR Games I cant skip the topic about Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go was the one of the most popular game still and the 2016 game of the year award winning game. By using augmented reality technology, Pokemon Go gave you a different experience from other games.

Pokemon Go

However VR games are becoming popular by day to day. Many VR games are already on the market and many more to come. Virtual reality applications are also trending. Not only gaming industry is changing VR is also shaping the business industry. We will soon see many innovations of vr in business. No doubt VR games will take the gaming industry to its next level.

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How Google Stadia Will Change The Gaming Industry

Google Stadia is one of the latest announcement from big daddy tech giant Google. It was announced this year and will be expected to launch on next year. Google Stadia is the one of the major innovative technology in gaming field. It helps you to play your favorite game with just a tap. Suppose you are watching your favorite game trailer and you are excited to play the game but unfortunately your PC doesn’t have the latest hardware. What would be your reaction? You feel very sad right?. With Google Stadia just forget about these scenarios. Its absolutely work in cloud technology. So you don’t need to worry about the hardware however just bother about the internet connectivity. But thanks to 5G technology. It is capable for delivering high speed internet connectivity. You can see many innovations in 5g technology in india However google stadia is purely a server based service. With a lot of data centers across the world, google is capable of delivering this immersive experience globally. We hope Google Stadia Console will definitely change the gaming industry.