How Google Stadia Will Change The Gaming Industry

Google Stadia is one of the latest announcement from big daddy tech giant Google. It was announced this year and will be expected to launch on next year. Google Stadia is the one of the major innovative technology in gaming field. It helps you to play your favorite game with just a tap. Suppose you are watching your favorite game trailer and you are excited to play the game but unfortunately your PC doesn’t have the latest hardware. What would be your reaction? You feel very sad right?. With Google Stadia just forget about these scenarios. Its absolutely work in cloud technology. So you don’t need to worry about the hardware however just bother about the internet connectivity. But thanks to 5G technology. It is capable for delivering high speed internet connectivity. You can see many innovations in 5g technology in india However google stadia is purely a server based service. With a lot of data centers across the world, google is capable of delivering this immersive experience globally. We hope Google Stadia Console will definitely change the gaming industry.

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