Do you remember the days of 8 Bit games?, the old school games in 1980’s, like contra, super mario, sonic, were the best selling games on those days. From those 8 bit graphics now our gaming industry has developed a lot. Now the gaming has evolved in innovation with latest technology. From joysticks to gestures, even latest gaming consoles has gone for a massive change.

We have seen the PlayStation 4 with a gesture movement. One of the popular gaming technology is virtual reality. VR games has been popular to everyone after the introduction of it. Virtual Reality games will gave you an immersive and interactive experience. Which means you are able to play the game just like a real-life incident. Its made true by the virtual reality headsets.

You can find many VR headsets on the market right now. Popular VR headsets are Samsung gear VR, HTC Vive, PlayStation   VR, Google Daydream View, and these are a bit expensive. If you are looking a cheap VR headset I probably recommends you to buy Google Cardboard. It costs around 25$. Even it’s supported 3D.

Google Cardboard VR
Google Cardboard VR

While talking about VR Games I cant skip the topic about Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go was the one of the most popular game still and the 2016 game of the year award winning game. By using augmented reality technology, Pokemon Go gave you a different experience from other games.

Pokemon Go

However VR games are becoming popular by day to day. Many VR games are already on the market and many more to come. Virtual reality applications are also trending. Not only gaming industry is changing VR is also shaping the business industry. We will soon see many innovations of vr in business. No doubt VR games will take the gaming industry to its next level.

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